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Diarra Jasmine

Artist. Poet. Body Liberationist. Adventurer.


I'm Diarra Jasmine (She/They)

Libra Sun, Taurus Moon, Scorpio Rising.

I'm a queer artist, poet, body liberationist and adventurer. I'm an avid solo traveler who has driven all 50 states & most of Canada and traveled 4/7 continents (North America, Europe, Asia and Australia). I'm currently preparing to drive through Latin America in my van. Come along for the ride!

I strongly believe that movement heals and should be accessible to people of all sizes, abilities, and colors. I love to paddle board, roller skate, hike, bike, pole dance and do yoga. The list is ever expanding. As it should be! I want to diversify travel, the outdoors and movement. The work that I do emphasizes unlearning self hate and the idea that your life is anything but your own. Here, we are kind. We are wild. We are free.

In this space, you have access to

I'm so happy you're here.

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